by The Sceptic

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First The Sceptic Full Lenght released in 2012.


released November 11, 2012

The Sceptic
Produced by Lander da Silva & Fabiano Penna



all rights reserved


The Sceptic London, UK

The Sceptic (Biography)

The Sceptic began in 2002 in the city of Caxias do Sul - Brazil, released it´s first Full Lenght entitled "Chaotic" in 2012. Currently the band is in London- UK, making contacts concerts in Europe and all the possible places. ... more

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Track Name: N.W.O.

One global government
One monetary system
Oppression by religion
Laws by constitution

Materialistic Ideology
Obstructing natural transcendence
The own interest
Of a dishonest elite

Conspiracies and secret orders
DIctate the rules to this world
Spreading misery
Annihilating the planet

New world Order

Corruption and murder
War and pain
Paying and buying justice
Through secret plans

One common goal
To create a single leadership
Controlling the world
Extinguishing human race
Track Name: Evolutionary Phenomenon (Psychocenesis II)
Evolutionary Phenomenon
(Psychocenesis II)

Society´s restructuring
Intellectual ambitions
Creative interest
And rational ideas

Knowledge and education
Scientific achievements
Advanced technology
Through the scientific method

Modern techniques
For a sustainable planet
Problems solved
By managing resources

Abundance system
Human potential
Natural progression
Initiating a new age

Consciousness and movement
Evolutionary phenomenon
Track Name: Worldwide Hypnosis
Worldwide Hypnosis

A powerful mean of enslavement
Raping minds
Through brainwashing
Anguish and anxiety
Psychological horror
Violating feelings

An invention a gog
Who loves and hates you
In contradicting stories
Translated in books of lies
Based on astrological maps
Unnacceptable as truth

Unconscious victims
Of lesser knowledge
Alienated from reality
In the name of a god
Hostility was estabilished
In the conflict between races

Worldwide Hypnosis
Worldwide Hypnosis
Track Name: System´s Collapse
System´s Collapse

Worrying about the past
Predicting the future
Obsolete actions
Let us continue
Without asking ourselves

Why do we do?
Why do we obey?
Why do we stay?
Why do we support?
We can´t survive
In this sick world
With archaic ideas

Money enslaves us
Politics rob us
Religion oppresses us

Get out of this complex society
And look at this system
Artificial foundations
Take over us along the years

System´s collapse
Annihilating life

Seeds of destruction
Causing unballance

We can´t change anything
Blindly supporting
Human ignorance
Track Name: Fake Values Imposed
Fake Values Imposed

Beliefs and values
Defined by a decaying culture
Peak of human feelings destruction
Means of communication
Exploiting the audience
Manipulating people
Eternilizing doctrines

An apparent
Social “status”
That doesn´t represent
What we really are
People have lost
The sense of importance
There´s no enough, There´s no ballance
We can´t believe
We can´t support it!

Hypocrisy, Cynicism
Distortion of reality

Everlasting greed
Jealousy and neurosis
Arrogance and selfishness
Fake Values Imposed

Waste of potential
Forgetting the essential
In an artificial life
Fake Values Imposed
Track Name: Lifeless

Deprived of oxigen
In a transitory state
The vital functions
Apparently terminated

Breath paralises
Cardiac arrest
Motionless, insensitive
Unconscious of everything.
The summit of all malfunctions
The end of everything to life

Atrophying organs
Extinguishing life
Culminating your morbid state
Exhaustion of organic functions.

Welcome to death
Metamorphosis of life
The circle of existance

Severe hemorrage
Traumatisms all over the body
Violent death
Constant anemia.

Liquids coagulating
The end of electrical activity
Tragical incident
Like a simple mutation
Death is described
No illusory believes .

There are many ways
But only one certainties
The place is the cosmos
At any time.
Track Name: Filthy Race
Filthy Race

Bag of flesh and bones
Filthy, worthless being
Impelled by cruelty
Coward, malevolent
Envious, guilty and condemned

The way you die
Is the price you pay
To nature
To the damages against life
To the acts committed
Against existence
To the spread out of violence
To the meaning given to life

More than natural
Dying is renewing
Is treating the human being
By it´s relevance
More than rational
It shows the human being
His fragile existence

Let´em suffer till they die
Let´em die agonizing
Pay the price with their own lives
Filthy race

Bag of flesh and bones
Filthy, worthless being
Impelled by cruelty
Coward, malevolent
Envious, guilty and condemned

Suffering as he dies
Agonizing, going mad
With his own intolerance
Richness, Ignorance
Pride Death
The end
Track Name: Chaotic

Disease´s spread
Gread prevails
And the human being
Destrois himself

Time of life´s destruction
And everything it built
Death becomes a way out
Survive became rotine

This isn´t pessimism
This is reality
This is desorder
This is regression


Death, fatalities, atrocities, brutality
Attacks, catastrophes, homicides, executions.

Slaughter, violence, vengeance, agression
Terrorism, confusion, diseases, war.

Misery, religion, poverty, hunger
Corruption, monopoly, capitalism, unfairness

Exploitation, Ignorance, Oppression, hypocrisy
Advertisement, manipulation, disorder and regression.

This isn´t pessimism
This is reality
This is desorder
This is regression